Application for an Irish Wolfhound from Irish Wolfhound Rescue of Michigan

We ask a lot of questions because we want to match dogs to their new home. Some dogs have specific requirements: "no children," "no other pets," "someone experienced in dog training or working with special needs dogs..."

Please fill out this application to the best of your ability. Please note that all of the Yes/No questions default to "No". If that is not what you want to say, be sure to change them.

If you have questions or comments or need to clarify an answer, please finish the application and send you comment/question to Irish Wolfhound Rescue of Michigan

About you:
Your Name Age
We are not going to ask you to enter your email again, but please be sure it is right.

Partner's Name (if any)
How many IWs
have you owned
(if any)
If you haven't owned an IW, but have been up close to one, tell us about it.
Why do you want an Irish Wolfhound in particular ?
In order to select an appropriate dog for you we need to know more about your experience with dogs. Irish Wolfhounds are large 100-200 pounds and all come with "4-paw drive." They can be very determined (I would not say "stubborn") and we would hate to get a dog back because we placed a "determined" dog with an insufficiently experienced adopter.
I have never owned a dog before but am willing to take the IW to obedience classes (this is as much to train me as it is to train the dog.) All IWs need obedience training.
I have owned dogs before. My dogs have all been easy to get along with and I have never needed to work with a strong-willed dog. I am willing to take the IW to obedience classes (this is as much to train the adopter as it is to train the dog.) All IWs need obedience training,
I am a dog enthusiast. I am experienced in training dogs. Dogs are a big part of my life. When I meet someone new who has a dog I always remember the dog's name and sometimes forget the owner's name.
I work professionally with dogs ( Vet, professional show handler, obedience trainer, K-9 police officer, shelter employee, rescue coordinator, Vet Tech, experienced Vet Assistant) or have considerable experience with dogs (Amatur show handler, Amatur obedience handler, Shelter Volunteer ). I have worked with difficult dogs. My house is decorated in dog fur and chain link. I always ask my friends about their dogs and seldom about their children.
The Veterinarian you use:
May we call/write your vet for a reference? Yes No
Veterinarian Name May be left blank if Clinic Name is listed
Clinic Name May be left blank if Veterinarian Name is listed
Please call your vet and tell them that we will be requesting a recomendation and it is ok with you. While you are at it, get the clinic email address or fax number please. If you get it after you submit the application that is fine, send it in an email to:
Listing the FAX number will save us a lot of time.
eMail May be left blank
We are not going to ask you to enter the Vet/Clinic email again, but please be sure it is right.
The Dog's Environment:

How many in the home or regularly visiting:
Children under 10 Children 10-18 Adults

Other dogs
If you have more than 6, list the others in the "other animals" section
NameBreed or "Mix"check if

Please list other animals that the dog will encounter, name, species/breed

Please check if you have an area that is attached to the house and is fully fenced
If you have a fenced in area, please tell us about it, including fence type and height and the amount of yard enclosed.
If you don't have a fully fenced in area, can you and are you willing to have one created?
Yes No
Sometimes we get a dog with special needs. Are you willing to consider such a dog?
Yes No
If you click "Yes" we will give you the information and allow you to decide.
If you click "no" we won't bother you about that dog.

Most dog we place have already been spayed or neutered. Occasionally, for medical reasons, a dog can not be spayed/neutered at the time of adoption. Do you agree that if you adopt such a dog you will never permit the dog to be bred and will have it spayed/neutered when medically appropriate?
Yes No

May we have a rescue volunteer visit you home to confirm this information and look for potential problems or dangers you might have missed?
Yes No

Do you agree that if for any reason you can no longer keep the dog you will return the dog to rescue?
Yes No

We like to follow-up on dogs we place. Do you agree that if you change your eMail address or physical address you will let us know?
Yes No

Operating a rescue organization takes money. (not much, but some.) We have volunteers that help out, but we still need donations.
Your donation would pays for:
  • required administrative costs (fees the state and IRS fees required to exist as a charity)
  • Food for dogs being boarded while awaiting placement
  • Veterinary fees for exams and treatments required while awaiting placement
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Transportation costs to make home visits, to investigate possible placements, or to make emergency pick-ups
  • Cost of food for unadoptable dogs
Are you willing and in a position to be able to make a donation?
Yes No

All of the information you list will become part of the adoption agreement. Please double check it before clicking on "Submit Application." If you have any questions please click here to send an email. then Submit the Application

To make sure you are a human, please put the numeric value of
Three Hundred Twenty Two here:

If your application is received you will find an acknowledgement in you email inbox in a few minutes.